Our company strategy is focused to a continuos improving of provided services. We try to do our best for customer satisfaction every day. 

The improving quality of our offered services is also supported by our employees, their responsible work on all levels of an implemented project and their following control of it.

Regular training courses and applications of new measuring and controlling systems make the experts from our engineers. Wide range of proposed applications makes a really good choice for our customers in solution and satisfaction of their demands and needs in the best way.

We want our customers to be sure of perfect cooperation with the respectable and dynamic company where fulfilling the agreements and quality work are the best proof. It leads to satisfaction of our employees as well as company holders satisfaction.

The contol quality system certificated ITI TUV in 2002 applied by our employees helps to permanent improving of company activities and prevents from poor quality and dissatisfaction of our business patrners.

Certificate ISO

CSN EN ISO 9001 2016 CZ 1
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